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Problem: You want to learn Japanese to a high degree of fluency, a native level even, but there are no good resources for self-study that can take you all the way there…. until now.

Introducing the only 3-5 year Rapid Fluency Acquisition Curriculum for the Japanese Language!

Japanese Complete can take you all the way there.

With Japanese Complete, Go All The Way.™

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Learn How to Think in Japanese

Japanese Complete doesn’t require any prior Japanese knowledge to get started.

Learn Japanese with advances in linguistics, statistical frequency analysis, and new techniques like Language Blending and Quick Drills to help you differentiate rapidly and retain what you learn.

Welcome to Japanese Complete

Unlike any other language curriculum, Japanese Complete can take you all the way to fluency. A curriculum invented by bilingual and trilingual speakers, working alongside passionate linguists, has broken down the logical intuitions of the Japanese language into an easily digestible course path.

Learn fast and remember what you learn with a blend of modern, traditional, and never-before-seen techniques that make learning Japanese a daily habit you can make. See definite progress with our curriculum and lay a solid and sturdy foundation for the subtle and nuanced Japanese grammar.

Unlock a Whole New World when you Learn a Language

Japanese will enable you to visit Japan and engage as more than just a casual observer. To fully feel a culture it always helps to know the language. Japanese Complete teaches language and cultural tips to help you make the most of your time immersed in Japan, whether that be sooner or later.

The Five Factors of Fluency™

1. Grammar Situation

Understanding Grammar Situation

is vital to knowing your way around Japanese. In a recent survey of Japanese students, the most enduring problematic portion is the grammar for intermediate and advanced students.

Avoid the hassle of trickiness by laying a strong and solid grammar foundation with Japanese Complete Online Interactive Textbook. You’ll be glad you did.

2. Language Anticipation

Being a Parrot is not Enough.
Not only can we learn to recite Japanese, and identify it quickly, but we can learn to express ourselves in Japanese and also anticipate what our conversation partners might say. This is much like how we are fluent in our own language, and learning and training ourselves with intent to anticipate certain ideas and concepts thanks to the grammar we know — this will take us to the next level, to the Moon of Kennedy’s Japanese Space Program, so-to-speak.

3. Pitch / Rhythm / Flow / Sing-songiness

Repetition and repetition
Learning Japanese intonation and pitch bending is a bit like learning how to sing the melody of a song.

In the curriculum, we share excellent samples of proper intonation for the learner to mimic, to get the most out of the curriculum and proceed into Japan with the confidence of a native speaker.

Rapid Memory Drills

Japanese Complete features Drills after each lesson to help you retain what you know.

Plus, Japanese Complete keeps track of which grammar questions, kanji questions, and verb questions you’ve missed, letting you go back and review and make sure you don’t have any gaps in your understanding.

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Japanese Complete

Rapid Fluency Acquisition Platform

Offers a full curriculum in Japanese from start to fluency.

Work at your own pace, unlock new chapters as you complete the drills.

Go back and spend extra time reviewing where you stumbled, to get great fast and have no gaps in your knowledge.

Lay a strong foundation and engage Japanese culture as soon as possible in a meaningful way.

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